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Company name: BMLABO co., ltd.
Established: May, 2003
CEO: Hitoshi Nishioka(President)
Business contents: Brand-produce business
Office: Daikanyama (planning/operations) / Komazawa (accounting)

Profile of CEO
Graduated from Aoyama-Gakuin University, College of Law Started this business, after having worked at Itochu Fashion System Co., Ltd. as a brand producer, and at Independent Fashion Cooperative Association (IFCA) as the general manager of brand marketing division. In addition, have successively held various posts such as, guest lecturer at Aoyama-Gakuin University, and lecturer of 'the Road to Fashion Business' at Seibu Community College. ECC of ULTRA GEAR MARKET. BJJ black belt.


License business

Development of licensees / Design planning / Start-up of new brands / Activation of existing brandsBrand management

Involved in the licensing of over 10 brands around the world (EU/Asia/Japan)

Consulting business

Start-up of new brands / Activation of existing brands

Start-up of new brands / Activation of existing brandsMarketing (research) / Naming / Concept planning / Designing / Designer coordination

Designer's brands / Major apparel brands / Various casual brands / European outdoor brands / Major watch makers

Creative business

Promotion business / Design business, etc

Promotion business / Planning, placement & operation of advertisements / Introduction of effective press companies
Design business /Various designs / Creation of WEB sites

Original & collaboration brand business

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